Visit of the CoCom to Oran

Starting signal for the Mediterranean Beach Games “Patras 2019”
February 11, 2019
The inspection of the ICMG CoCom at Patras
March 4, 2019

The Oran 2021 Mediterranean Games Coordination Commission visited for the 3rd time the OCMG, on 22-23 February last.

All the stakeholders were present at the meeting with the representative of the Algerian Ministry of Youth and Sports and Director of Investments for Sports Infrastructures, Mr. Mustapha Redha DOUMI; the representative of the Wilaya of Oran and Director of National Transmissions, Mr. Abdenour CHICK, as well as with the representatives of the Algerian Olympic Committee, Mrs. Nouria BENIDA MERAH and Mr. Ali ZAATER. All of them reiterated the strong and continuous commitment of their respective administrations in the preparations for the 19th Mediterranean Games.

This edition will take place from Friday 25 June to Monday 5 July 2021 and a more definite sports programme is being elaborated.

The Executive Director, Mr. Mohamed EL MORRO, recently appointed to manage the OCMG, has spent the last few months structuring and strengthening the different commissions of the OCMG. The team is fully aware that there are only 28 months before the Opening Ceremony and fully committed to work relentlessly so as to catch up with the various delays that have accumulated.

The meetings focused on the study of the Master Plan and the various working documents presented by the OCMG. The Commission gave out a roadmap indicating the different deadlines that are to be met by the OCMG, pointing out that the Commission will monitor closely the progress of work while being at the disposal of the organizers at any time.