The presentation of the Mediterranean Games “Taranto 2026” in Oran

The ICMG President Davide Tizzano awarded the first medals of the Mediterranean Games
June 26, 2022
The elections of the ICMG Athletes’ Commission started in the Mediterranean Village
June 28, 2022

The twentieth edition of the Mediterranean Games, after four years in Taranto, was presented at Casa Italia in Oran. The Secretary General of CONI, Carlo Mornati said: “It is an honor to host you here at Casa Italia, our hospitality house that accompanies us in our events around the world. It is a great pleasure and honor to host the Games in Taranto in 2026. I also believe that it is a great opportunity for the Mediterranean countries to make this event grow. It will not be just a sporting event but an opportunity to visit Italy and Puglia “.

The President of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games, Davide Tizzano stressed the importance of the event. “We have a great challenge ahead of us and as soon as these Games in Oran end we will start working on the next event. We are optimistic for Taranto and I am sure that the people and the city are thrilled to host them. We want to organize one of the best editions of the Mediterranean Games. I thank Mattia Giorno, representing here the Municipality of Taranto and Carlo Mornati. In the same year, Italy hosts the Milan-Cortina Olympic Winter Games and the Mediterranean Games and the country will demonstrate its ability to carry out this type of event”.

Italy is going to organize the Mediterranean Games for the fourth time in history and it is the second time in Puglia after 29 years (Bari 1997). “I am grateful for the hospitality of CONI and the help they give us for the organization – said Elio Sannicandro, general manager of the Organizing Committee of Taranto 2026 -. I thank the International Committee and its President Davide Tizzano. We are proud to show what we are preparing for this edition of the Games. We want to help rebuild the future of Taranto and the most important thing is that we are working together: the city of Taranto, the Puglia Region, CONI and the Government and I hope that this organization is very important for the whole country and reconnects peace between the countries of the Mediterranean.”