The official candidatures for the elections of the new ICMG Executive Committee

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September 16, 2021
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The next elective ordinary General Assembly of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games will take place in virtual format on October 14, 2021. The official candidatures for the forthcoming elections of the new Executive Committee, which were submitted within the deadlines set out and in accordance with the provisions of the ICMG Charter, are:

For the post of President:

  1. Mr. Davide TIZZANO (NOC Italy)

For the post of 1st Vice-President:

  1. Mr. Mehrez BOUSSAYENE (NOC Tunisia)

For the post of 2nd Vice-President:

  1. Mr. Bernard AMSALEM (NOC France)

For the post of Secretary General:

  1. Mr. Iakovos FILIPPOUSIS (NOC Greece)

For the post of Treasurer:

  1. Mr. Yiotis IOANNIDES (NOC Cyprus)

For the post of the seven (7) Members (in alphabetical order of NOCs in French):

  1. Mr. Abderrahmane HAMMAD (NOC Algeria)
  2. Mrs. Ljiljana UJLAKI SUBIC (NOC Croatia)
  3. Mr. Cayetano CORNET (NOC Spain)
  4. General Souhail KHOURY (NOC Lebanon)
  5. Mr. Mohamed GREMIDA (NOC Libya)
  6. Prof. Dr. Sasho POPOVSKI (NOC North Macedonia)
  7. Mr. Julian PACE BONELLO (NOC Malta)
  8. Mr. Abdellatif IDMAHAMMA (NOC Morocco)
  9. Mr. Blaz PERKO (NOC Slovenia)
  10. Ms. Elif OZDEMIR (NOC Turkiye)

In accordance with Rule XI, article 1, all candidates for the ICMG EC have been nominated by the NOC of the country of which they are nationals.