Paris 2024 reveals Olympic and Paralympic mascots

The ICMG Extraordinary General Assembly in Taranto
November 12, 2022
Sašo Bertoncelj is the new President of the ICMG Athletes’ Commission
November 14, 2022

With just over 600 days until the Olympic Games Paris 2024 begin, the official mascots have been revealed by the local Organising Committee. Called “The Phryges” [pronounced free-jes], the tribe of mascots are named after the iconic French hats. Their design is an evolution of this unique piece of cultural heritage which, throughout history, has symbolised freedom.

For Paris 2024, this new generation of Phryges will write history. Led by one Olympic and one Paralympic Phrygian, the tribe of mascots will be central to Paris 2024’s vision to change lives by leading a revolution through sport.

Their mission is to demonstrate to the world that sport can change everything and that it deserves to have a central role in society. The Phryges will strive to bring sport into everyday life – all sports, and every way of experiencing sport – whether through participation or as fans.

To mark the launch of the mascots, the Organising Committee announced that Phryges and other mascot merchandise can now be purchased both online and in stores.