Mediterranean Athletics U23 Championships Jesolo 2018

MBG Patras 2019
March 29, 2018
ICMG Athletes’ Commission Elections
June 12, 2018


The ICMG President, Amar Addadi, responded favorably to the invitation of the Mediterranean Athletics Union and the Italian Athletics Federation honouring with his presence the 3rd Mediterranean Athletics U23 Championships which took place on June 8-10 in Jesolo (Italy).

This 3rd edition recorded a record of participants with 25 countries against 18 in Aubagne and 23 in Tunis during the 1st and 2nd editions of 2014 and 2016 respectively, with a record number of 337 athletes.

Mr. Amar Addadi took part in the meeting of the Mediterranean Athletics Union and praised, on this occasion, the work accomplished by the MAU since its conception following a meeting between Mr. Bernard Amsalem and Mr. Fathi Hachicha in 2010 in Tunis,  in the presence of the ICMG President.

Mr. Addadi took the opportunity to reiterate the support of the ICMG to MAU encouraging its participation in the framework of the training programs of the Cooperation and Development Commission. He did not fail to acknowledge the efforts of the MAU and to congratulate FIDAL and the city of Jesolo for the excellent hospitality towards the various delegations and the smooth running of the event.

Having attended the Opening Ceremony, the ICMG President was able to witness the good level of Mediterranean Athletics and high performances in some of the events.