African Games 2019: Egypt on the top of the medal table

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September 9, 2019
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September 11, 2019

With the final celebration on Sunday 1st September and after two weeks of competition, the curtain fell on the 12th African Games, which took place in Rabat, Morocco. Considered as the biggest sporting event in Africa, the African Games brought together more than 6,000 athletes from 29 different sports disciplines who competed on several sites in the cities of Rabat, Salé, Témara, Casablanca, Benslimane and El Jadida. At the end, many of them qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, which will take place in 2020.

Egypt leads the overall standings with 273 medals including 102 gold, 97 silver, 73 bronze. Algeria is in fourth place with 125 medals (33 gold, 32 silver and 60 bronze). Morocco, the host country, finished fifth with 109 medals (31 gold, 32 silver and 46 bronze). These three countries were the only ones from the Mediterranean basin to be in the top ten of the medals table.