200 children celebrated the CNOSF Sports Christmas

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December 26, 2023
The CNOT Olympic Torch awarded to Ayoub Hafnaoui and Ons Jabeur
December 29, 2023

The French National Olympic and Sport Committee (CNOSF) organized the second edition of its “Sports Christmas” in Paris.

Through various fun activities, supervised by CNOSF teams and Secours Populaire volunteers, the children discovered some aspects of the organization and the history of world sport. The theme of this second edition was inspired by Alice Milliat, pioneer of women’s sport in the world. Throughout the day, her inspiring journey and her impact on the promotion of women’s sport were recounted, from the organization of the first Women’s World Games to the integration of women’s events into the Olympic Games.

In addition to this immersion in the heart of the history of the Games, the children had the chance to meet high-level athletes, such as:

• Merzieh Hamidi (taekwondo)

• Lucas Hoffmann (karate)

• Anne M’Bairo (judo)

• Yoann Narou (savate)

• Sofia Nabet (boxing)

• Mathilde Petriaux (hockey)

• Audrey Prieto (wrestling)

• Riadh Sallem (armchair rugby)

• Younesse Salmi (karate)

• Kevin Séraphin (basketball)

The day ended happily with a snack and the presentation of numerous sporting gifts to all the children.