The National Olympic Committee of North Macedonia honors the women in sports

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December 31, 2022
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January 9, 2023

The National Olympic Committee of North Macedonia announced the most successful women in sports at the “Golden Olympia” event.

“Golden Olympia” is the culmination of sports achievements and success stories of women athletes for 2022. This event reaffirms the commitment to achieve gender equality as well as equal opportunities, equal access to resources and equal support for all female athletes.

The second edition of this event, was attended by the best athletes, sports managers, sports journalists, female coaches and judges, but also representatives of the National Sports Federation, ambassadors, representatives of the North Macedonian Government, ministers, former prime ministers and others .

Τhe winners of the Golden Olympia 2022 award:

Best young athlete – Jadranka Temelkova (kickboxing)

The best female coach – Simona Zaborska (karate)

Best women’s national team – Women’s football national team under 17 years old

Special recognition for life’s work – prof. Dr. Lence Aleksovska-Velichkovska

Sports achievement for 2022 – Katerina Shipovic (ultramarathon)

The most successful sports journalist – Marija Kovacheva

The most successful sports manager – Irena Mitrovska (kickboxing)

Best referee, Ivana Projkovska (football)

Best athlete with a disability, Olivera Nakovska-Bikova (archery)

The most successful athlete for 2022 is Adriana Pop-Arsova (marathon)