The Mediterranean Games at the heart of the International Sports School in Ancient Olympia

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July 1, 2019
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July 3, 2019

The Secretary General of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games, Iakovos Filippousis, was one of the keynote speakers at the annual International Sports School, which hosted the Panhellenic Association of Sports Press, at the premises of the International Olympic Academy. Mr. Filippousis speech was titled: “The Mediterranean Games: The Role & Challenges of the New Age” and the General Secretary of ICMG started with an extensive presentation of the history of the Mediterranean Games, from the first edition in 1951 in Alexandria, Egypt, until last year’s Games in Tarragona, Spain.

He referred to the role of the Mediterranean Games as a field of reconciliation and union of the Mediterranean peoples, but he also referred to the role of the ICMG in supporting and spreading the Olympic spirit and the ideals of sport and fair play.

He pointed out that the Mediterranean Games are the most important multicultural event after the Olympic Games and underlined the efforts that have been made over the years by the ICMG to establish, strengthen and expand the Games.

He explained the role and contribution of Greece in the history and structure of the Mediterranean Games, the timeless role of Athens in the Games management and presented the new competition schedule. Mr. Filippousis also presented all the Presidents and General Secretaries in the history of the ICMG, as well as Amar Addadi who nowadays serves as ICMG President.

Finally, he analyzed the prospects and challenges that the Mediterranean people have to face in order to ensure a peaceful Mediterranean future, prioritizing the unity through diversity and peace through Sport. ICMG assists in shaping a society based on mutual understanding, solidarity, respect and excellence, against discrimination, cultivating collaboration with organizations which share the same passion for a strong, peaceful and sustainable Mediterranean region based on the Olympic Spirit and values.

Upon completion of the presentation, the General Secretary of the ICMG responded to attendants’ questions about the Mediterranean Sports Movement.

From the left: Spyros Boulis (Patras 2019), Stratis Teloglou (Patras 2019), Iakovos Filippousis, George Bebetsos (Patras 2019) and Sotiris Triantafillou (Patras 2019).

The presentation of the ICMG General Secretary was attended by Giorgos Mavrotas, Vice-President of the Greek Parliament, the deputy Prefect of Western Greece, Georgios Georgiopoulos, the Chef de Mission of the Hellenic delegation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Michalis Fysentzidis, the Chairman of the Hellenic Olympic Academy, Mr. Giorgos Alikakos, the representatives of the Organizing Committee of the Mediterranean Beach Games “Patras 2019” Giorgos Bebetsos and Stratis Teloglou, George Liveris, Secretary of the Hellenic Association of Participants in the Olympic Games and Mikaelo Papadakis, Secretary General of the Association of Sports journalists of Cyprus.

At the International Sports School – an institution with an international dimension – which has been having a major success for over six years and is addressed to journalists, sportsmen and students, eminent personalities have participated as conference speakers, such as Yannis Exarchos, Chief Executive Officer of the Olympic Broadcasting Services, Kostas Vernikos  Olympic Channel Advisor, Giannis Daras, Vice President of the International Association of Sporting Editors AIPS, as well as several other journalists and university professors.

From the left: Stratis Teloglou (Patras 2019), Kostas Vernikos (Olympic Channel), Yannis Theodorakopoulos (PASP President), Yannis Exarchos (OBS), Spyros Boulis (Patras 2019), Vasilis Skountis (Patras 2019), Sotiris Triantafillou (Patras 2019) and George Bebetsos (Patras 2019).