The Croatian Olympic Committee presents the campaign for the 2024 Olympic Games

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October 22, 2023
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In a press conference in Zagreb, the Croatian Olympic Committee presented the campaign for the Olympic Games “Paris 2024”.

With this campaign, the Croatian Olympic Committee wants to bring the upcoming summer Olympic Games in Paris closer to the Croatian public as a sporting event, and also to promote the spirit of Olympism, which leads to a greater cooperation and better understanding between nations.

The President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Matesa, in the presence of the Croatian Olympians, Matea Parlov Koštro, Nika Fleiss and Damir Martin, said: «During the campaign, we will highlight everything that connects Croatia and France in sports, culture and art, because, apart from sports, the Olympic movement in the world carries a lot more that truly connects us.»

The campaign started ten days ago with large posters in cities across Croatia.