The annual Seminar of the Maltese Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission 

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November 27, 2023
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December 1, 2023

The Maltese Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission hosted its annual seminar which was marked by its dynamic content, featured in-depth dialogues on the prevention of competition manipulation, awareness on Parkinson’s disease and a spirited team-building activity that left participants with strengthened bonds.

“We are very satisfied with the participation and outcome of this seminar.  The objective is to bring athletes together to address not only the challenges within their respective sports, but also broader issues affecting society. My Commission members and I  cannot thank those involved in this seminar enough for their contribution.” commented Eleanor Bezzina, Athletes Commission Chair.

MOC President Julian Pace Bonello also joined Mrs. Bezzina in thanking all those who contributed towards the successful hosting of the seminar.

The Athletes’ Commission is made up of Eleanor Bezzina (Chair), Matthew Abela and Sascha Genovese.