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April 19, 2023
The wonderful documentary of the Mediterranean Games “Oran 2022”
April 27, 2023

The Oran 2022 Mediterranean Games Debriefing Seminar organized by the International Committee of Mediterranean Games and the National Olympic Committee of Montenegro, was held with great success in Podgorica, Montenegro.

More than 60 representatives of the National Olympic Committees-members of ICMG, the International Sports Federations, the European Broadcasting Union, the Microplus as well as delegations from the Organizing Committees “Oran 2022”, “Heraklion 2023” and “Taranto 2026” participated in the Seminar, in person or via Zoom.

The Minister of Sports and Youth of Montenegro Mr. Vasilije Lalosevic attended the proceedings, while the Secretary General of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, Mr. Igor Vusurovic, also addressed the participants.

The ICMG Secretary Secretary Mr. Iakovos Filippousis, who coordinated the Seminar, in his introductory speech, thanked the Montenegrin Olympic Committee for the excellent hospitality and the perfect organization. Also he underlined the very large participation by the representatives of the National Olympic Committees and the International Sports Federations and pointed out that for the first time in a Debriefing Seminar, the ICMG Athletes Commission with its President Mr. Sašo Bertončelj was present, stressing that “athletes are the jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean Games, we must ensure them the best conditions”.


The presentation of the final report on the Οran Mediterranean Games, was made by the Commissioner and President of the Organizing Committee Mr. Mohamed Aziz Derouaz, and was followed by a documentary on the Games of Oran, which received very positive comments.

Mr. Mohamed Aziz Derouaz referred mainly to the legacy of the Games, the state-of-the-art facilities that were built (Oran Olympic Complex, Shooting Center, Football Stadium), as well as the brand new Mediterranean Village. He highlighted the large investments made overall in the city’s infrastructure and technology with the full support of the Algerian state and highlighted the great legacy left by the Mediterranean Games in Oran and Algeria, beyond the sporting level, in the fields of human resource training, logistical infrastructure, volunteerism and culture.

He praised the participation of the Algerians who filled all the stadiums and the 4324 volunteers who contributed to the success of the Games. The figures for the television coverage were also impressive with 600 hours of television broadcast from five different channels with Full HD signal, while the Opening and Closing Ceremonies were broadcast with an Ultra HD (4K) signal.


Mr. Bernard Amsalem, President of the Coordination Commission for the Mediterranean Games “Oran 2022” and 2nd ICMG Vice President analyzed the organization of the Mediterranean Games from the ICMG view, pointed out the problems that existed at the beginning and which were resolved along the way and mentioned the organizational success of the Games and the passion of the Algerian fans who filled all the stadiums.

The President of the ICMG Sports Program Commission Mr. Mohamed Zribi, analyzed with numbers the Oran Mediterranean Games with the participation of 3251 athletes from 26 countries in 24 sports, competing in 30 sports facilities. About 700 referees and judges were also participated as well as 1863 coaches, as well as administrative and medical staff. He added that 19 records were broken in athletics, swimming and shooting, while women’s Boxing, the 18 Olympic events in Weightlifting, as well as mixed events in Shooting, were held for the first time.

The President of the ICMG Athletes’ Commission Mr. Sašo Bertončelj presented the impressions of the Games from the athletes’ side, mentioned the excellent atmosphere created by the fans in all the stadiums of Oran and presented aspects of the organization that should be improved in the future.

The progress of the works for the Mediterranean Games “Taranto 2026” was analyzed by the Mayor of the city Mr. Rinaldo Melucci while he mentioned the new facilities that will be built such as the football stadium and the swimming pool. The General Director of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Elio Sannicandro, emphasized that the Mediterranean Games “Taranto 2026” will be environmentally friendly and will fulfill all the sustainability terms.

A special forum was also organized for the exchange of views between the representatives of the National Olympic Committees, the International Sports Federations and the ICMG experts with the object of the improvements and the changes that must be made in organizational matters as well as in the sports program of the Mediterranean Games. Special mentions were made by the representatives of Karate, Judo, Football, Bowls, Wrestling and Finswimming. At the center of everyone’s priorities was the participation of the best Mediterranean athletes in the Games and the inclusion of the Mediterranean Games in the Olympic qualification rankings of the International Federations.

The ICMG Secretary General Mr. Iakovos Philippousis, finally informed for the recent decisions of the Executive Committee for the organization of the Mediterranean Games in Taranto:

  • the inclusion in the program of the Olympic categories of each sport
  • the growth of women’s sport disciplines
  • the inclusion of the Finswimming in the core program of the Mediterranean Games
  • the return of the Rowing in the core program
  • the agreement with ITA regarding the anti-doping controls
  • the establishment of a special commission which will study a proposal regarding the program of the 2030 games, based on youth-friendly sports, with special television interest and low organizing costs.