Taranto 2026: The official logo of the Mediterranean Games

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December 17, 2019
Season Greetings
December 21, 2019

The first major event of the Mediterranean Games “Taranto 2026”  took place at the Palace of Taranto and was highlighted by the presentation of the logo of the Games.

The local authorities of Puglia attended the ceremony, led by Governor Giovanni Gugliotti, District Governor Michele Emiliano, the mayor of the city Rinaldo Melluci, the president of Asset Apulia and coordinator of the bidding committee Elio Sannicardo.

The “Taranto 2026” logo was created by students from the Gaetano Salvemini City Institute. The design highlights the Roman numeral X in double, referring to the 20th edition of the Mediterranean Games. It is also created with red and blue, which are the colors of the city. The background and the font refer to ancient Greece and the city’s long history since its foundation.

As part of the event, a conference was held on the development of the city and the modernization of the region within the framework of the organization of the Mediterranean Games.

A few days earlier, the Executive Committee of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games, in its last meeting in Oran, appointed the members of the Coordination Commission, responsible for monitoring the progress of  the 2026 Mediterranean Games , unanimously accepting the suggestion of the President Amar Addadi.

The president of the Coordination Commission is the CIJM 1st Vice-President, Victor Sanchez from Spain and the members are: Mohamed Zribi (Tunisia), Zakia Bartagi (Tunisia), Davide Tizzano (Italy), Joseph Cassar (Malta).

The legal form and the members of the Taranto 2026 Organizing Committee will be announced in January 2020 and right after, the first visit of the Coordination Commission will be organized.

Mr. Victor Sanchez