“Support your club” french sport in aid of local clubs

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May 21, 2020
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The French National Olympic and Sport Committee (CNOSF) and the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF), together with the French Ministry of Sport, have initiated a campaign aimed at helping national sports club to limit the impact of the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Soutiens ton club” (“Support you club”) platform, associated with the French Sports Foundation, will allow donations to be tax-deductible for individuals and businesses.

People can donate to an amatorial club at their own discretion, but a 10% tax will be redistributed to those associations that are more in need on the basis of objective criteria.

Around 360,000 sports associations, which welcome 16 million members, are registered in France. Their size varies and some budgets do not exceed a few tens of thousands of euros per year. Since the first days of confinement, they had to suspend all the planned activities and most of them had to cancel events, such as tournaments and matches, which means cash inflows.

Amateur clubs are also concerned about the next school year, fearing fewer enrolments, because of the economic difficulties and health conditions. They are also worried about losing grants from communities and private partners.

CNOSF President Denis Masseglia also expressed his appreciation for the initiative: “I would not be who I am right now without my club and I would not have done what I have done in my life without its support.”

“Like many French people, I owe my club a lot. Today they need me and everyone who raised there. I feel giving my contribution because I love my club and I want it to continue educating citizens through sport,” added.