Spain supports the joint candidacy for the Olympic Winter Games 2030 with Bosnia & Herzegovina

Iraqi Olympic Committee paid a visit to Turkish Olympic Committee
November 2, 2021
The Lebanese Olympic Committee attended the ANOC General Assembly
November 7, 2021

During the ANOC General Assembly in Crete, the President of the Olympic Committee of Bosnia & Herzegovina Mr. Marijan Kvesić, Vice Presidents prof. Milanko Mučibabić and prof.Izet Radjo, held a meeting with the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee Mr. Alejandro Blanco

The main topic was the joint organization of the Olympic Winter Games 2030, which would be organized by the Spanish city Barcelona and the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo. Mr. Blanco expressed his support to the joint candidacy, only a few days after the presentation of the idea in Ljubljana, to the Olympic Committees of the Central and Southeast European region.

The meeting in Crete was a new step towards submitting an official candidacy to the International Olympic Committee. The meeting was also attended by Ms. Victoria Cabezas – Member of the Executive Committee of the European Olympic Committees and Secretary General of the Spanish Olympic Committee.