Official GSSE Logo officially unveiled

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August 3, 2022
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August 24, 2022

The logo design for the 2023 Games of the Small States of Europe, just under a year before the competition is set to begin was unveiled by the Maltese Olympic Committee President Julian Pace Bonello and Minister for Education, Sports, Youth, Research and Innovation Dr Clifton Grima on 18 July 2022.

Created by local agency The Concept Stadium based on inspiration drawn from designs produced by students, who were invited to participate in the process in a competition launched last December for school children aged between 10 and 18.

The logo merges the famous Olympic rings with the sea, fish and a Maltese icon recognised by many – the eye symbol. The eye has blended into several aspects of Maltese culture, starting from the famous Gardjola in Senglea to the Maltese boats called Luzzu, as well as been integrated in local fashion. The colours of the Olympic rings were merged to highlight Malta’s values of diversity and inclusion through the blending of the different colours, creating new colours and hues when overlapping each other.