New Athletes’ Commission in the Maltese Olympic Committee

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October 17, 2022
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October 22, 2022

The Maltese Olympic Committee (MOC) announced the composition of the new Athletes’ Commission which was elected following a call for nominations amongst athletes who have been competing at National level in a sport which is part of the Olympic Programme, during the last three years.

The Athletes’ Commission, which will occupy this post for a period of four years, consists of Ms Eleanor Bezzina (Chair), Mr. Matthew Abela and Mr. Sascha Genovese.

The mission of the Athletes’ Commission is to ensure the representation of athletes’ viewpoints in decision-making programmes as well as to offer support and education to athletes in order to enable them succeed in their sport.

The Athletes’ Commission is represented at the MOC’s General Assembly by two of its members. The representing members are elected by the Commission, and they will have the right to vote at the Assembly.  During the MOC’s Council Meeting, held in June, Eleanor Bezzina and Matthew Abela were representing the athletes. Eleanor also represents the Commission on the MOC Executive Board.