Creation of the Honorary Committee of the MG Tarragona 2017
July 28, 2016
MBG Pescara 2015 – CdM Seminar
July 28, 2016

The last meeting of the ICMG Executive Committee took place in Tarragona on March 13.

1.    Following the proposals of the President of the Technical Commission, EC members approved:
–    a model sports program of the traditional MG from 2021
–    a model technical manual
–    the participation requirements for Men & Women
–    the elaboration of an Eligibility Code
–    the replacement of traditional Basketball 5×5 by 3×3
–    the Technical Milestones of the MG Tarragona 2017

2.    Following the proposal of the President of the Medical & Anti-Doping Commission, EC members approved:
–    that a declaration on the eligibility of athletes be signed by the NOCs prior to the Games
–    that the 1st Medical Congress be held during the Games of Tarragona in 2017

3.    The President of the Development & Cooperation Commission presented the Seminars for the year 2015:
–    2nd Sport Management Seminar, Rome
–    Gender Equality in Sport Seminar, Zagreb

4.    The President of the Statutes & Regulations Commission presented the amendment to the ICMG Charter as a result of the setting up of the ICMG Athletes’ Commission

5.    The President of the Coordination Commission “Pescara 2015” informed the members about the latest developments regarding the first edition of the Mediterranean Beach Games

6.    The President of the Evaluation Commission MG 2021 gave an outline of the visits to the two candidate cities: Oran (Algeria) and Sfax (Tunisia)

7.    The Athletes’ Commission will prepare the first elections that will be held during the Mediterranean Beach Games of Pescara and will organize the following two seminars:
–    2nd Athletes’ Seminar, Formia (Italy)
–    Coastal Rowing Training Course, Formia (Italy)

8.    It was decided that the next EC meeting will be held on 26 August and the General Assembly on 27 August 2015, one day before the Opening of the Games of Pescara.

Within the framework of the meeting the members visited some of the sports venues to see the progress of works.

During the Joint Meeting the President of the ICMG congratulated the OCMGT for the excellent work and expressed his satisfaction for the progress of preparations.