The ICMG President welcomes the Tunisian approach on youth and sport
July 28, 2016
Distinction for the ICMG Secretary General
July 28, 2016

confederationOn September 18 and 19 took place in Tunis the works of the extraordinary constitutive General Assembly of the Mediterranean Gymnastics Confederation.

The meeting was attended by 15 Mediterranean countries out of the 24 countries-members of the FIG. These are as follows: Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Spain, France, Italy, San Marino, Malta, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Albania and Turkiye.

The General Assembly studied and approved unanimously the statutes of this new Confederation, and elected its first Executive Committee, composed of the following members:

– President : Doctor Michel Leglise (France), Vice-president of the FIG

– Vice presidents : Mr Mustapha Zekri (Morocco), Member of the FIG Council

Mr Attila Orsel (Turkiye), Member of the FIG Executive Committee

Mrs. Maria Cristina Casentini (Italy)

– Secretary General : Mr Vasiliadis Athanasis (Greece)

– Members : Mr Antonio Esteban (Spain)

Mr Mohamed Mekki (Lebanon)

Mr Filobens Dilaveri (Albania)

Mr Roberto de Santis (Malta)

Mrs Suezana Lakiseruc (Serbia)

At the beginning and at the end of the sessions of this General Assembly, the President of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games, Mr. Amar Addadi, addressed messages of support and congratulations to the delegates.