Bosnia and Herzegovina hosts first digital Athletes’ Forum

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May 5, 2020
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May 12, 2020

The NOC of Bosnia and Herzegovina organised the first digital Athletes’ Forum. More than 40 elite athletes from Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the videoconference aimed at stressing the importance of staying united in these challenging times.

The main aim of the Forum was to give the athletes the opportunity to speak out and be heard during the COVID-19 crisis. The NOC also encouraged the athletes to stay at home, to keep in good spirits and to use their free time to participate in the additional educational events being organised by the NOC and its partners.

NOC President Izet Rado sent a message of support to the athletes: “We are happy that this project has been successful. Besides the educational side, this has been an excellent opportunity to share experiences about training during COVID-19 as well as to build a solid network of athletes, enabling them to communicate between each other and share their thoughts, ideas and concerns.”