ICMG General Assembly, Mersin 2011
July 28, 2016
ICMG EC and Commissions Meetings, Mersin 2012
July 28, 2016

The ICMG Coordination Commission for the MG 2013 composed by Lino Farrugia Sacco, the President, and Messrs. Mustapha Zekri, Victor Sanchez and Robert Fabbricini, which President Amar Addadi also joined, due to the circumstances, met in Mersin from 17 until 21 January.

This mission gave to the ICMG representatives the opportunity to meet the new team of the organization run by Mr. Taha Aksoy, General Coordinator, who was responsible for the organization of the 2005 Izmir Universiade. The meetings that were held at the OCMG headquarters in the city of Mersin allowed the directors of the various departments, all of whom have been appointed by now and who are all highly motivated and very professional and the majority of whom have already had the experience of major sporting events, to express their views on the situation. The discussions focused on the main sectors of the Games: sports program, accreditations, transport, marketing, volunteers… More particularly, as regards the Mediterranean Village, the ICMG members expressed their concern about the delay in its construction and its capacity.

Finally, the members of the Commission were invited to the foundation stone laying ceremony of three sports facilities built for the Mediterranean Games. In their speech, the Turkish Ministers of Finance and of Youth and Sport, who had come to Mersin, reaffirmed the full support of the Turkish Government to the organization of the Mediterranean Games. At the end of the ceremony, President Addadi had a discussion with Mr. Suat Kiliç, Minister of Youth and Sport.