Triumph of France at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships

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April 13, 2019
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April 17, 2019

The participation of the Mediterranean countries was excellent at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships held in Szczecin, Poland.

The stunning French Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos has won two gold medals and a silver medal and has become the best athlete of the games.

The Cypriot Marios Georgiou, who won the bronze medal in the individual all-around, also made a great appearance.

The Cypriot Marios Georgiou

Overall, the Mediterranean countries won 11 medals, five medals in men and six medals in women, jumping on the podium in almost all of the events.

France won six medals, including two gold, three silver and one bronze.

Italy won one silver and one bronze, Croatia one silver and one bronze was won by Cyprus and Turkiye.

The Medals of the Mediterranean countries are as follows:



3. Μarios Georgiou (Cyprus) 84,398 p.

 Pommel Horse
2. Cyril Tommasone (France)  14,800 p.

3.Marco Lodadio (Ιtaly) 14,966 p.

High Bar
2. Tin  Srbic (Croatia ) 14,900 p.

Parallel Bars

3. Ferhat Arican (Τurkey) 15,033 p.



1.Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos (France) 55,433 p.

2. Coline  Devillard  (France) 14,450 p.

Uneven Bars

3. Alice D’ Amato (Ιtaly) 14,400 p.

2. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos (France)  13,466 p.
3.  Lorette  Charpy (France) 12,900 p.

1. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos (France) 13,833 p.