The project “Olympic Education at home” of the Albanian Olympic Committee

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May 28, 2020
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June 1, 2020

The Albanian National Olympic Committee (NOC) and the Albanian Olympic Academy (AOA) launched the project “Olympic Education at home” between April and May.

The project was supported by the President of AOA Prof. Agron Cuka who addressed all teachers and students to stress the importance of living with positivity and the Olympic Values at home during the quarantine.

The project was conducted online with the participation of Olympic Education Coordinators and physical education teachers from all over Albania.

Project 1 

Each school prepared video summaries of the Olympic Days and Olympic Weeks activities, realized over the years. These historical videos were useful to bring out memories, to revive the moments of joy by participating and experiencing the Olympic Values and Principles. This initiative was so useful as actually we have a rich archive of these historical videos.

Living with Olympic Values at home in quarantine conditions, students shot out attractive videos with creativity, various physical activities and work out, which have been transmitting the messages to stay at home, to stay healthy, and to apply in everyday life the values of friendship, respect, solidarity.

Project 2

AOA launched the organization of the “Olympic Competition” through the website and social media of Albanian NOC. Students worked from home with creativity about the “Symbols and Olympic Values” thematic.

Up to 2 weeks, about 35 albums and about 300 photos have been published, while the 3 most beautiful photos selected by an expert, got voted and received awards. This project showed the great commitment of schools, physical education teachers, and students, while we received an increased number of new followers in our social media, with very indicative numbers.

Project 3

The Olympic Quiz Online was realized on May 20, in the form of a Quiz Game. The purpose was to entertain students by testing their knowledge of the Olympic Movement and Olympic Education. 40 schools were registered with two students, 1 girl and 1 boy, aiming to promote gender equality, and only two winners were announced, one girl and one boy at the end of the game. The results showed the seriousness that Quiz was taken, as the first places had very high accuracy with 56 correct questions out of 59.