The Olympic Montenegrin Caravan started from Centinje

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May 19, 2024
The celebration of Olympic Day in Croatia
May 23, 2024

This traditional event, announces the biggest event of the Olympic cycle, the Summer Olympic Games. The caravan began its journey from Cetinje, the most picturesque city in Montenegro today. Numerous children from Cetinje, along with visitors of all ages, had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the Olympic spirit and movement, the values of sport and Olympism, and the significance of sports socialisation.

Through interactive games and enjoyable activities, in the most genuine manner and with compulsory education, in the awe-inspiring setting of the Court Square, girls and boys from Cetinje kindergartens and elementary schools, as well as the youngest members of Cetinje handball and basketball clubs, were introduced to ancient and modern Olympic games, Olympic medals, symbols, the upcoming Games in Paris and their mascots.

With an interesting Olympic quiz, competition in various games, and exciting activities the Montenegrin Olympic Committee sent a wonderful message to the world.

Igor Vušurović, the Secretary General of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, reiterated the primary objective of this caravan, which is to disseminate the Olympic spirit and movement among the youngest and to familiarize them with the crucial values of sports. “We have extensive plans to organize numerous activities in Cetinje and other Montenegrin cities. Our ultimate goal is to spread the spirit of the Olympic Games and enable young people to learn about the lives of significant figures in Montenegrin sports who have made a lasting impact on European sports”.

Katarina Bulatović, the Sports Director of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, highlighted the importance of involving children in sports activities. Swimmers Miloš Milenković and Jovana Kuljača, as well as the swimming team coach Danijela Franeta, also spent time with the children, talking about their experiences in sports.