The Olympic Committee of North Macedonia pays tribute to the best female athletes

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January 15, 2022
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January 18, 2022

The Olympic Committee of North Macedonia organized the Golden Olympia event, a ceremony dedicated to gender equality in sport.

The prize for the best athlete was awarded to karateka Puleksenija Jovanovska, for her participation in the Tokyo Olympics, having finished ninth overall. Natasha Meshkovska has been awarded for her entire sports career, with four participations in the Olympic Games, two as an athlete (1992, 1996) and two as a coach.

Swimmer Mia Blazevska Eminova has been named Promising Athlete of the Year.

Aleksandra Vojnevska Zikova was the best coach for her assist to the runner Drita Islami.

The best athlete in individual sports was bodybuilder Meri Akievska, and CSKA Moscow handball player Sara Ristovska was named the best athlete in team sports.

The U17 national handball team was announced as the most successful national team, winning first place in the EHF Championship in Lithuania.