The Fair Play Training Book of the Turkish Olympic Committee

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October 22, 2022
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October 26, 2022

The Turkish Olympic Committee has worked with Prof. Dr. Gülfem Sezen Balçıkanlı to publish a Fair Play Training Book.

The book was written by Prof. Dr. Gülfem Sezen Balçıkanlı, who is Faculty Member of the Gazi University Faculty of Sports Sciences and Fair Play Commission Vice President. It is aimed at physical education teachers, classroom teachers, preschool teachers, coaches and parents.

The book, which examines Fair Play education in depth, consists of two parts. The first part contains theoretical information about Fair Play. Starting with the Ancient Greek philosophers who said, “If morality collapses, society collapses”, the book, which promises readers a scientific journey in a historical context, reveals the theoretical framework on which these concepts are based.

In the second part, there are activities and games that make up the application dimension of this theoretical knowledge.