The 7th workshop of the ‘Women’s Voice in Sport’ project in Croatia

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June 4, 2024
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June 8, 2024

The seventh educational workshop of the “‘Women’s Voice in Sport” project took place in Dubrovnik. It was organized by the Commission for Gender Equality in Sport of the Croatian Olympic Committee, with the generous assistance of the Dubrovnik Sport Community.

Many female athletes attended this workshop. More than 30 participants from various sports, both in team sports like basketball, volleyball, futsal, soccer, and water polo, as well as in individual sports like judo and badminton, took part in the workshop.

The educational workshop was preceded by a press conference opened by the Director of the Office for Communications and International Relations of the Croatian Olympic Committee, Mia Baćić. The conference featured basketball player Carmen Miloglav, captain of the Ragusa female basketball club, and her teammate, Iva Todorić, who was named the most successful athlete of the City of Dubrovnik in 2023.

The press conference, addressing media literacy, educational workshops, and gender equality in sport, was attended by the Vice President of the Croatian Olympic Committee and President of the Commission for Gender Equality in Sport, Morana Paliković Gruden, as well as the workshop lecturers Ratko Cvetnić (member of The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts), Jura Ozmec (Sports Television editor-in-chief), and Marin Šarec (sports journalist).

As with the previous six editions, this one-day educational workshop was intended for female athletes, referees, coaches, and sports administration employees. It aimed to improve the presentation of sport and female athletes in social media posts, enhance communication with media representatives, and prepare content to be shared with the public and media. The workshop attendees were led by instructors who have dedicated many years to addressing the representation of women in sport and the depiction of women’s sport in media.