Questionnaire on the Mediterranean Games

We invite you to take part and test your knowledge of the Mediterranean Games, with a short questionnaire.

Fifteen participants who complete the questionnaire correctly will receive a small gift from the ICMG. The competition will be open until 31st March.

Kindly leave your email address on the questionnaire so that you can be contacted if you are a winner.

The list of the 15 winners will be published on the ICMG social media once the period is completed and the gifts will be sent by post.

Enjoy the test!

    Who conceived the Mediterranean Games?
    Pierre de CoubertinMohamed Taher PachaIoannis Ketseas

    When were the 1st Mediterranean Games held?
    In 1949In 1950In 1951

    How many years after the Olympic Games are the Mediterranean Games held?

    How many countries take part in the Mediterranean Games?

    What year did the female athletes start participating in the Games?

    What continents does the logo of the Mediterranean Games represent?

    Europe, Asia and AfricaAsia, Africa and AustraliaAsia, America and Australia

    When was the 70th anniversary of the Games celebrated?
    In 2020In 2021In 2022

    How many times have the Mediterranean Games been organized in Africa?

    Which edition of the Games is scheduled to be held in Taranto, Italy, in 2026?

    Who is the current President of the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games?
    Isidoros KouvelosAmar AddadiDavide Tizzano


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