Pierre Jalkh re-elected President of the Lebanese Olympic Committee

The Regular Assembly of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee  
July 19, 2023
The signing of the MoU between the Spanish NOC, the FEMP and UNHCR
August 1, 2023

During the elections of the Lebanese Olympic Committee Pierre Jalkh reelected as President.

The other members that were elected in the executive council are: Mazen Ramadan (1st vice-President), Jack Tamer (2nd vice-President), Sami Kablawi (3rd vice-President), Assaad el-Nakhel (4th vice-President), Jawdat Chaker (Secretary General ), Hicham Jradi (deputy Secretary General), François Saadé (Treasurer), Mahmoud Hattab (deputy Treasurer), Rabih Salem (Accountant), Walid Doumiati, Raymond Succar, Khodr Moukaled, Rafi Mam jouglian (consulting members). Three new members were elected during this session. They are Jawdat Chaker, Hicham Jradi and Raymond Succar.

Mr. Chaker, who is the President of the Lebanese Chess Federation, joins the executive council of the Lebanese Olympic Committee for the first time and had previously served as vice-President of the Lebanese Basketball Federation.

Τhe ICMG President Davide Tizzano and the Secretary General Iakovos Filippousis sent a congratulation letter to Mr. Jalkh on behalf of the entire Mediterranean Family wishing all the best in the continuation of their mission and looking forward to continue the fruitful cooperation for the promotion of Sport and the dissemination of the Olympic Values and Ideals in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin.