Oran 2022: Τhe chefs de mission seminar and the ICMG visit

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December 11, 2021
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December 15, 2021

The ICMG’s visit to Oran and the chefs de mission and technical representatives seminar concluded successfully on Sunday, the 12th of December.

The first meeting was held on Thursday morning with the sports organization, equipment and infrastructure commission, in the presence of competition directors and site managers. Then the members of the International Committee for Mediterranean Games (ICMG) continued their work with a visit to the Meridien Convention Center, which will host 8 disciplines.

On Friday morning, two meetings were held at the “Oran Bay” hotel. The first brought together the health, hygiene and anti-doping commission and representatives of the National Olympic committees. The second meeting concerned the sports organizations, the infrastructure and the equipment commissions, with the technical delegates of the various National Olympic Committees of the Mediterranean.

The chefs de mission of the National Olympic Committees and the technical delegates of the international sports federations held their seminar on Saturday in the large conference hall of the “Oran Bay” hotel. The Mediterranean Games commissioner, Aziz Derouaz, and Bernard Amsalem, second vice-president of the ICMG, officially opened the seminar in the presence of the Minister of Youth and Sports Abderrazak Sebgag, the wali of Oran Said Sayoud, the first vice-president of the OCMG and the director general of the OCMG, Salim Iles.

Also the advisor to the President of the Republic, Abdelhafid Allahoum, took part in the seminar, as well as members of the national security commission and wilaya. Also present were the secretary general of the OCMG, the members of the ICMG Coordination Commission and the presidents and the members of the OCMG commissions. The plenary and the technical sessions of this seminar gave the field to the various stakeholders to exchange opinions and to finalize the technical aspects of the Mediterranean Games.

At the opening of the seminar, the chairman of the Coordination Commission Bernard Amsalem, mentioned the efforts made by the OCMG and the significant investments undertaken by the Algerian State.

In the afternoon, the ICMG delegates visited the sports hall “Hamou Boutlelis”, which will be reserved for volleyball and badminton, the tennis field of Hai Salam ‘Habib Khellil’, the Es Senia equestrian center and the Meridien Convention Center. The site managers as well as the competition directors were involved in this visit, in order to welcome the delegation and provide them with all the necessary information.

The second part of the seminar primarily concerned the transport, catering, accommodation, and Mediterranean Village commissions. Then it was the time of the ceremonies, communications, media operations and volunteering commissions. The seminar ended with the security commission. The presidents of the various commissions answered questions from the technical delegates of the international sports federations concerning the progress of preparations for the Mediterranean Games.

In the afternoon of the same day, ICMG delegates visited the Belgaid Olympic complex. First, the delegates inspected the 40,000 seats stadium and all its associated parts, then the sports hall and the nautical center. The representatives of the federations and the ICMG then headed to the Mediterranean village which will host all the sports delegations during the games. The last stage of the visit concerned the shooting field in the presence of the site managers as well as the competition directors.