Olympic Education in Greek schools

Ceremony for the female athletes from Madrid who have won Olympic medals
December 11, 2020
Turkiye, Albania and Croatia won medals at the European Gymnastics Championships
December 18, 2020

Following a proposal of the Hellenic Olympic Committee that was accepted by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs., the educational program “Olympic Education – Olympic Week in schools” will take place in the Greek schools.
The implementing body of the program will be the Hellenic Olympic Academy and the operational details of the program were discussed during a meeting held by the President of HOC and IOC Member Spyros Capralos, with the President of HOA George Alikakos, in the presence of the HOC General Secretary Emmanouil Kolymbadis.
This program will be conducted with the assistance of Olympic and World Champions, for a week next April and May, in elementary and high school students and includes a set of activities that highlight the educational and training values of the Olympic Games. The activities involve the acquisition of general knowledge of sports and social skills and values. They combine the ancient and modern history of the Games as well as the gaining of skills related to the integration of students in the school and social environment.