2017 New Year’s Message from ICMG President
January 12, 2017
Meeting of EB members with the Greek Deputy Minister of Sports
April 10, 2017

Fifteen Algerian projects, from different wilayas of the country, have been selected as part of the international campaign “100 Climate Projects Campaign” launched by the NGO R20 with the support of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and other partners.

These projects focus on the development of low-carbon infrastructure and are related to different areas, such as sustainable waste management, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The R20 Med was set up in Oran in June 2013 following the signature of a framework partnership agreement between the Algerian government and R20.

The Wilaya of Oran, which is getting prepared for the Mediterranean Games that are going to be held in 2021, has mandated R20 to explore the possibilities and opportunities for the development of various operations within the region, including one entitled “Carbon Neutral Mediterranean Games “(Village and sports complexes).