Majlinda Kelmendi proclaimed ambassador of ‘Let’s colour the country’ campaign

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December 28, 2020
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The NOC of Kosovo and the non governmental organisation “Let’s Clean Kosovo” (LCK) launched a national campaign aimed at planting 1.8 million trees.
NOC of Kosovo President Besim Hasani and LCK Executive Director Luan Hasanaj appointed Rio 2016 Olympic champion in judo Majlinda Kelmendi as Ambassador. “We all know that mankind is so connected to nature, so in my opinion this is the most adequate project to be implemented in Kosovo when it comes to protecting our air,” Kelmendi said.

Entitled “Let’s colour the country,” the campaign envisages that within 10 years 1.8 million trees will be planted throughout
Kosovo, as many as the inhabitants that live in the country, based on the latest statistics.