‘Let’s Move’ is the theme of this year’s Olympic Day

The NOC of Serbia celebrates the Olympic Day
June 22, 2023
Spanish and Qatari NOCs renewed their ΜοU
June 23, 2023

Olympic Day is a celebration of sport, health, and being together. It invites everyone around the globe to be active and move together with purpose on 23 June every year.

Participants from all over the world will commemorate the day the International Olympic Committee was founded at the Sorbonne in Paris, where Pierre de Coubertin rallied the revival of the Ancient Olympic Games on 23 June 1894.

The theme of this year’s Olympic Day is ‘Let’s Move’ which aims to inspire people around the world to make time for daily physical activity.

While the world is moving faster than ever, people are moving less with research showing over 80 per cent of young people fail to reach the daily activity level recommended for optimum mental and physical health.

This 23 June is the start of a new global movement to make time to move.