ICMG and ITA will collaborate for doping controls at the Mediterranean Beach Games Heraklion 2023

The ICMG visit to Heraklion was concluded with success
June 10, 2023
“Empowering Girls Through Sport Project” in Turkiye
June 14, 2023

Very important decisions were taken at the meeting of the ICMG Executive Committee, held in Heraklion, in the context of the visit of the Coordination Commission for the Mediterranean Beach Games “Heraklion 2023”.

The most important decision was the unanimous acceptance of ICMG’s agreement with the International Testing Agency (ITA) to conduct anti-doping controls at the Mediterranean Beach Games that will take place in Heraklion on September 9-16.

“With this agreement, we practically keep up with the entire Olympic Movement in the battle against doping and send a message in every direction. ICMG harmonizes its practices with the international standards and actively participates in the joint effort of the global sports family” said ICMG Secretary Secretary Iakovos Filippousis.

An extensive report was made during the meeting, on the progress of Heraklion’s preparation for the upcoming Mediterranean Beach Games, by the President of the Coordination Commission General Souhail Khoury and the President of the Sports Program Commission Mohamed Zribi.

The commitments that have been implemented so far by the Organizing Committee were mentioned, as well as the recommendations made to find solutions to pending issues, as there are only 90 days left for the start of the Games.

Special mention was made of the issues of technology, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, television coverage of the games, sports program, infrastructure in sports facilities, transport and budget.

The Executive Committee approved the scenarios of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the look of the medals and the diplomas of the games, as well as the requests of the international Wrestling and Basketball Federations regarding the final competition program.

In the context of accelerating the preparation pace, the Coordination Commission will repeat the visits in Heraklion on a monthly basis, in July and August, in order to inspect the progress of the preparation and together with the support of the ICMG experts to complete specific projects.

Mr. Stavri Bello, the President of the ICMG Coordination Commission Taranto2026″ presented the situation in Italy regarding the next edition of the Mediterranean Games and it was decided to arrange a meeting with the new Commissioner of the Organizing Committee.

The proposal of the President of the Commission Women in Sports Elif Ozdemir to hold a Seminar in Antalya, Turkey on the subject of “Woman Empowerment” was also approved. They will participate in the Seminar, women from 13 National Olympic Committees.

The Executive Committee announced the members the Evaluation Commissions for the next Mediterranean Games:

Mediterranean Beach Games 2027

President: Stratos Karetos

Members: Eros Bοlοgna, Μohamed Gremida, Gerti Shima, Enzo Bartolomeo, Karla Sitic

Mediterranean Beach Games 2030

President: Julian Pace Bonello

Members: André-Pierre Goubert, Ahmed Ettannani, Saso Bertoncelj, Aziz Derouaz

The Commission of the MG Sports Program has chosen four new sports, very popular among young people, to be proposed to the Organizing Committee of the Mediterranean Games “Taranto 2026” for inclusion in the sports program. The sports are:

  • TeqBall
  • Skate-board
  • Breakdanse
  • Urban Climbing

The Financial and Audit Report of the chartered accountants for the financial year 2022, presented by the treasurer Yiotis Ioannidis, was also approved as well as the budgets for 2024 and 2025 that will be presented for approval at the General Assembly in September 2023.

Finally, the Executive Committee accepted Francesco Purromuto’s suggestions for changes to the ICMG Statute, which will also be discussed at the next General Assembly on September 8 in Heraklion.