Davide Tizzano: “The venues of Oran are a masterpiece”

The Algerian Prime Minister met the President of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games
February 21, 2022
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February 21, 2022

The President of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (CIJM), Davide Tizzano, praised in Oran “the enormous support provided by the Algerian State” for the success of the 19th edition of the Games scheduled for next summer in the capital of the West Algeria.

On the sidelines of his visit to certain sports venues of the Mediterranean Games, Mr. Tizzano told the press that he was “very happy with the support of the Algerian State to the Mediterranean Games, a support reflected in these beautiful sport venues that will host the next Mediterranean Games”.

The ICMG President accompanied by Secretary General, the Greek Iakovos Philippousis had visited Oran to examine the progress of the preparations for this important sporting event scheduled in this city from June 25 to July 5, 2022 .

The visit to Oran began with a tour to the most important sports venues of the Mediterranean Games, following a meeting which brought together the heads of the various commissions of the Organizing Committee led by its commissioner Mohamed Aziz Derouaz.

The first part of this tour took Mr. Tizzano, accompanied by the wali of Oran, Said Sayoud and the commissioner Mohamed Aziz Derouaz, to the Bir El Djir Olympic complex (east of Oran) which is very close to the completion of the works.

Mr. Tizzano expressed his great admiration for the football stadium of 40,000 seats, which represents the most important structure of the Games and whose works have been completed at 100%, saying that it is a “masterpiece”.

The  head of ICMG also visited the complementary structures of the Olympic complex, such as the athletics stadium, the sports hall and the nautical center which includes three swimming pools. These installations will be delivered, at the latest, at the beginning of March, according to the project managers.

The delegation then went to the Mediterranean village, where the works were completed and it follows the second stage, namely the equipment of this immense infrastructure, with a capacity of 4,200 beds. “This facility is also a marvelous masterpiece, as it offers all the amenities for the athletes participating in the Games” said Davide Tizzano.

The ICMG President took the opportunity to express his sincere thanks to the Commissioner of the Mediterranean Games, “who has played a major role since his appointment last October, to remedy the delay recorded”.