Submission of the candidature of Oran for the MG 2021
July 28, 2016
July 28, 2016

The Mediterranean Gymnastics Confederation -Comegym- chose the city of Ragusa (Sicily-Italy) to organize two major events from 4 to 7 September 2014. On 6 September, the Comegym held its 5th General Assembly in the presence of the FIG President, Prof B Grandi, the President of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG) Mr. A. Addadi, the Presidents of the Continental Unions of Europe, G. Guelzec, and of Africa, Zaater A., 12 Presidents ofnational federations and other important sports authorities including the President of the Italian Gymnastics Federation, R. Agabio and of Sicily.

During the Elections for the 2015-2018 Executive Committee Dr. MichelLeglise was unanimously reelected. Parallel to this meeting and in close collaboration with the Italian Gymnastics Federation, the sports school ofCuneo and the city and region of Ragusa, the Comegym organized the firstMediterranean junior artistic gymnastics championship.

The 40 young participants took part also in an educational and culturalprogram on the values of sport, the fight against doping and were able to discover various sports activities of the FIG.

The national federation, all the participants, the organizers and of courseComegym agree that this competition must be held every year because of itsspecific sports, cultural and human character.