Algerian Olympic and Sports Committee donates sanitary materials

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April 14, 2020
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April 18, 2020

The Algerian Olympic and Sports Committee is participating in the national movement of solidarity helping the health structures, due to the spread of the new coronavirus Covid-19.

The acting President Abderrahmane Hammad and the members of the executive committee decided to donate sanitary materials to the Boufarik hospital (wilaya of Blida), to help medical staff in its mission to assist patients against the virus.

The sanitary materials worth 500 million centimes, includes masks and protective clothing as well as products for disinfection. The commitment of the Algerian Olympic and Sports Committee for solidarity and the struggle of the the public authorities to deal with this health and economic disaster did not stop there. The Olympic body responded immediately to the request of the wilaya of Algiers by offering the rooms of the Algerian Olympic museum, located not far from the Mustapha-Bacha hospital, to the nursing staff, who stands in the forehead to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.