Tarragona 2017 Foundation and RTVE sign an agreement to broadcast the MG

06-NewsItems_Photo01The Tarragona 2017 Foundation and the Spanish Broadcasting Corporation (RTVE) have signed a framework collaboration agreement to define and regulate media coverage of the XVIII Tarragona 2017 Mediterranean Games taking place between 30 June and 9 July 2017 in Tarragona and another 15 regional towns. The agreement was signed this afternoon at the offices of the Spanish Olympic Committee in Madrid in the presence of the president of the Organizing Committee of the Tarragona 2017 Mediterranean Games, Josep Fèlix Ballesteros; the president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco; and the president of RTVE, José Antonio Sánchez Domínguez.

The agreement calls upon both parties to set in motion a broadcasting plan that will provide extensive coverage of the sporting competitions in the Games, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies, on the television channels, radio stations and website of RTVE. The organizers of the Games will work in close collaboration with RTVE on defining the schedule of events to be covered during the Games in order to draw up the production plans for the event.